January 23, 2005

Star Clipper & Space Monkeys

My Saturday was a little ragged (in more ways than one): a neighborhood forum that I quickly left (was a little too disorganized); met some friends for coffee, but made a long-promised trip to Star Clipper Comics. I may start buying my graphic novels there, but stick to the Fantasy Shop for my comics. Yes, it's like having a girlfriend and mistress, but Star Clipper has a ton of graphic novels, manga, etc - it's like someone read my mind about the ideal comic store.

(Although it does lose points: I bought a grab bag, thinking it might be indie, and what do I get? JLA 95, JLA 100, JLA 102, and New X-Men Academy 3. OK, I only paid two bucks, but even still...)

Anyway, remembering my New Year's resolution, I decided to find a book that I normally wouldn't purchase, and although there was a May 2004 date on it, I chose Bloop # 1, simply for the cover: a red-haired handsome guy surrounded by green space monkeys with antenna.

You read correctly - this is a black-and-white comic about Bloop, a green space monkey. I don't know if there are any more issues - only that it comes from a comic called Astounding Space Thrills. (Perhaps those in the know can fill me in).

There are three stories - one a completely no-dialogue affair, one a tricky science fiction tale featuring backgammon, and the first part of a three-parter. This is, quite simply, a fun book - the art is clean, the writing sharp, and quite frankly, there is a playful spirit that permeates this book. It's a well-crafted sampler, and quite frankly, the kind of comic that we need more of nowadays.

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Johanna said...

There's only been the one Bloop (although there is an adorable stuffed version you probably saw at the website).

Steve Conley, the artist, does work with a lot of warmth, even though he works on computer, which I find impressive.

Astounding Space Thrills is a great modern pulp adventure.