March 4, 2005

All This Useless Data

"I can't see the point/but I see the attraction" -- Graham Parker
Yes, friends, because I spent most of yesterday rushing through work (making more calls, doing mindless physical work), I have little to blog about. However, taking a cue from a previous post, here are the various ways in which you, the home reader, have gotten here. Searches are wacky, aren't they?

"Star Clipper" comic - OK, I shop at Fantasy Shop, but shopping here is like cheating on your girlfriend with an incredibly more attractive supermodel. I mean that in a nice way.

Jamie Lee Curtis Strip/True Lies - About 50 percent of searches that lead to this blog consist on variations on this theme. To the people out there searching for this...ever consider purchasing a VCR? Might make your life much more worthwhile.

hourman is a pinko - just one of the many revelations in the upcoming DC Countdown. (rimshot)

dr sordid - He has his own blog, and quite frankly, he's not just a doctor - he's a dashing special agent with a PhD in trashing bozos. (Plus, he's a great writer in the Psychbloke tradition)

Jolene Blalock's nude - at least it's not another Jamie Lee Curtis search.

damn dirty ape paws - you can find monkey covers posted here every Sunday.

3A - quite a few searches were for this term. Is this the latest hip drug reference?

poopy flavored lollipop - not going there.

their eyes were watching god soundtrack - didn't know this had been made into a movie. Anyone have details?

useless data - maybe this explains the 3A thing

Son in Law "Fan Fiction" Pauly Shore - the only thing sadder than some comic fans are Pauly Shore fans.

"Amazing Joy Buzzards"/"down these mean streets a man must walk"/Hellboy PTB blog - proof positive that there are signs of intelligent life on this planet

blog pay pal - no snide comment on this one. Sorry. But if you want to help Bill Loebs, head to Pay Pal and make a donation - his ID is

penn teller - their home site is here, and as Penn would say, "Humbug!"

Krypto blog - when I see "Ace the Bat Hound" as a search term for my blog, I'll feel like the coolest guy on earth

metatextual - the advantage of higher education is that you can get away with using big words like "metatextual"

"reefer madness" book summary/"reefer madness" Schlosser book review - quite a few variations on this theme - here's the summary, and why not just buy and read the book?

Arnold Schwarzenegger "garage sale" - Again, no snide comment - kind of speaks for itself

cool blog material/comic blogs - I'm flattered. Honestly.

johnny ramone sacrifice - One of the best movies of 2004 is coming out on DVD. Why this didn't get an Oscar nod, I have no idea. Or maybe I do.

blog "science fiction" "the watchmen" - hey, hey, they're the Watchmen, and people say they're watchin' around, but they're too busy reading science fiction, to put anybody down.
OK, the Monkees reference was a little too gratuitous. And finally,
"100 things" comics/100 things love comics - As a better man than I once wrote, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

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