April 21, 2005

The Joys of Online Activism

You know, some people just need a wake-up call, a brief moment where the cold water of reality is splashed in their faces, and they need to realize that they can get over it and move on.

While reading the greatest comic blog in the multiverse, there was a rather snarky remark about Petition Online being a "goldmine of comedy". (Don't worry, Mike - you are spared my contempt) Whereas it does have legitimate uses, so far, I've seen several petition calls for
  • Ted Kord's Blue Beetle coming back from the dead
  • Jack Black being "fired" as Green Lantern - for a movie in development
  • An all superhero cable channel; and
  • More Paris Hilton on television.
(I'm kidding about that final one. Honest).

In addition, there's also news that Trek United - the fundraising effort for a fifth series of Enterprise - is slowly, but surely, coming undone. In that effort, I would like to announce my own advocacy effort - boycotting dumb initiatives.

First, online petitions often have little effect - don't believe me? Then believe Snopes.com
But if that isn't enough, really - in the grand scheme of things, how really important is Ted Kord as Blue Beetle? Yes, I'm miffed at it too, but I'm exercising my right to (gasp) not purchase any more Infinite Crisis prequels/crossovers and spend my money on indie books, books that deserve support, etc. (And if you have a suggestion, write it down in the comments. I'm always looking for new reading experiences).

Also, for those who donated to Trek United - shame on you. Come on, would Gene Roddenberry support such a myopic initiative? Think about it - Trek was always about (on some level) building a better future, not about one television show. There are people who are starving, poor, who need a break - especially in this country - and you're sending your money to fund a television show? Yes, it will be returned...but what the heck were you thinking?

(Brief pause - take a breath, my week has been busy, I'm stressed out, no need to take it out on the good people of the blogosphere).

So, if you're thinking of signing an online petition - don't. If you want to make a difference in this world, put down a comic book, move away from the set, and get involved. Find a cause you want to support, and back it up. I'll even help - after all, it's my paying job to do so. (I'm hereby volunteering to help people get lives). You might even meet people, and lo and behold, you'll begin to realize what you are truly capable of, and that there is a big old world outside the Internet. You can gain the power to make drastic change.

Or to quote one of my favorite albums of all time: "Revolution begins at home, preferably in the bathroom mirror."

EDIT - another article has been added, so "coming" and "undone" link to two separate articles. Doesn't change the main point, though.

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