April 1, 2005

Living With This Bozo

Finally, now that Gordon's left for work (don't believe his social service crap - he's a mouth breathin' wannabe who works for a comic store), I can tell you the real truth about him.

My name's Dax, and quite frankly - this man is a liar. A stinky-poopy liar.

First, the dude can barely take care of himself, much less a gorgeous cat like me. I mean, my litter hasn't been scooped since the Clinton administration. And he's never been with a woman, unless you count him pining for some tv chick in gray make-up.

Plus, the dude...how do I say this...his idea of "quality time" is trying to put a red cape on me and call me "Streaky". However, I will blackmail him with this link. Yeah, explain yourself out of that one, slider breath.

Still, I have to say, I love reading his Bloom County collections, especially those featuring Bill the Cat. If I weren't neutered, I'd have Bill's kittens.

Feel free to leave comments, especially since I wanna see the shock on his face. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

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