April 10, 2005

This Ain't No Picnic

This is a personal rant/blog, so if you came for the sharp pop culture analysis, maybe tomorrow.

There are some fundamental truths in the universe - you don't pull on Superman's cape, you don't spit in the wind, you don't pull the mask of that old Lone Ranger and you don't get a flat tire on Highway 40.

At 3:25 pm Saturday afternoon, after a long day at Chesterfield Mall, my passenger side tire began making an unusual sound as my car slowed down and shook violently. After pulling to the side of the road and turning on my emergency flashers, I went to inspect the damage on the tire - it looked like Wolverine and my cat decided to sharpen their claw on the tire. It wasn't just flat - it was in shreds. Fortunately, I had AAA and my cell phone, and was near one of their garages. Luckily, a MODOT truck came along - he couldn't help, since help was already on the way, but soon, my donut spare was replaced, and I drove home. Luckily, I was able to find a garage which replaced the tire, and I'm a little poorer, but OK.

Right now, however, I'm not feeling so great about it - I'm feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and it's just another headache. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful nothing serious happened, and there's so much more going for me.

However, when a line from one of my favorite episodes of Red Dwarf came on, I found myself laughing even harder than before. Why, I have no idea, especially given that it's not a punch line.
"Jake Bullet: Cybernautic Detective." I like that! That sounds like the kind of hard-living flatfoot who gets the job done by cutting corners and bucking authority, and if those pen pushers up at City Hall don't like it, well, they can park their overpaid fat asses on this mid digit and swivel -- swivel 'til they squeal like pigs on a honeymoon!"
Ah, well, back to the regular grind tomorrow. Just needed to share.

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