May 3, 2005

Pop Culture Wrap-Up

Great thing about vacations - if you're smart, you plan at least one day to recover from a trip. I'm still basking in great memories from my high school reunion, and other than a trip for the necessities (comics and groceries), I spent today just zoning/zonking out. So, in that spirit, here are some short-takes.

Just Begging to Be Adapted into A Graphic Novel - The Immortals by James Gunn. A cliche idea done right, vast in scope....Chaykin, Heath, you know you want to do this one.

Sad St. Louis High School Trivia Nugget - I learned from an alumnus that I attend the same high school as this gentleman. (Of course, Bob Newhart also went to my high school) St Louis pals, snark away!

New Guilty Pleasure - Family Business, Showtime's reality show focusing on the porn industry. Cousin Stevie rocks!

Proof Childhood Eventually Ends - Yesterday was newscaster Joel Daly's last day with Channel 7 News. A true Chicago original.

Most Painful Show to Watch - Penn & Teller's third season debut, focusing on circumcision. No, it wasn't painful because it was inaccurate.

Show in Dire Need of a Geoff Johns Rewrite - "In A Mirror, Darkly, Part Two - some great ideas, but it doesn't really hang together. Also, did the Gorn really need to resemble a dinosaur?

Most Disappointing Return - Family Guy: I am a fan of the show, but this Sunday's first episode only served to meet every criticism made about it. I'll give it a chance, but maybe some shows are best left in the dust, except for Greg the Bunny

Most Disappointing Debut - American Dad: it was touted as a "political satire", but seemed more like a bad episode of Family Guy with some gratuitous politcal jokes. If this show lasts six episodes, I'll be surprised.

Show That Makes Me Want to Work on that Mystery Novel I Never Finish - Columbo: The First Season, which I gave my father as a gift. After checking out Prescription: Murder, and Murder by the Book, my mystery novel mojo is being renewed.

EDIT: Greatest Evidence of my Fanboyhood - click here.

Best Thing About May - Free Comics Day!

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