May 27, 2005

Top 10 Reasons Why Thanagar Will Prevail

OK, this whole Rann/Thanagar thing is out of proportion - however, looking at the facts logically, the only rational conclusion is that Thanagar will prevail. Want reasons? (Some of these have been posted elsewhere)

  1. The Comic Treadmill's damning evidence
  2. "Rann" is Thanagarian for "pathetic, cowardly surrender monkeys"
  3. Ultimate Captain America's infamous "What do you think the A stands for - Rann?" quote
  4. Hawkman was a Super Friend - Adam Strange? Below even Hanna-Barbera's then low standards.
  5. Even when they lose, Thanagarians party hard. (And can you name the last time Thanagar lost? Didn't think so).
  6. Hawkman has had many cool helmets and cowls. Adam Strange - two.
  7. Any moron with a ray gun can do damage, but for all-out devastation, it takes skill to use a mace.
  8. Hawkman was a member of both the JLA and JSA; Adam Strange "helped" the JSA "on occasion". Sounds like one of these guys is a little commitment-phobic.
  9. Thanagar has the hottest babes, er, I mean, "most attractive women" in the galaxy. (And Katar Hol is definitely hunkier than Adam Strange, even for an archeologist)
  10. Zeta beams are for wussies - real men wear nth metal.
So there you have it. For those Rann sympathizers, don't worry - when the dust settles, you will simply look back and laugh.

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