May 18, 2005

Turn and Face The Strange

If there's a cross, then bear it, if there's a loss, then share it
If it's a risk let's dare it, if it's blindness, outstare it

- Graham Parker, "Endless Night
First, a fond RIP to Frank Gorshin - tributes are popping up everywhere, but here are the coolest by far. Yes, everyone sites the Joker, but for my money, Gorshin made the Riddler with his eerie laugh, his manic intensity...and this was after an impressive career as an impressionist. He'll be missed.

Anyway, this seems to be a week of transitions - this is going to come as a shock for readers, but this past Monday, I gave notice at my job. As of June 17th, I will no longer be drug and alcohol guy. (And in all fairness, I have had my resume out there for awhile). Of course, it didn't help that my car died the same day. (Luckily, I had it towed to a repair shop, and was able to rent a very large white pick-up truck. Just a note - never, ever put this album in the CD player. It's one of my favorite albums, but the dichotomy is jarring).

Several of my close and personals know the full scoop (if you don't, drop me a line). Given that I've achieved every professional goal that I have had since college in the past 10 years, it's time for me to branch out - have my life as open as Peter Sellers' personality. (Maybe that's why The Life and Death of Peter Sellers has been playing nonstop on my DVD player, and why you should spend your lunch money getting this DVD).

Anyway, every kind of alternative is there for me - from non-profit work to the glamorous, exciting world of comics retail. (Dorian, Mike, please don't roll your eyes. It's distracting. Honestly). It's a little intimidating, a little awe-inspiring, and a little risky.

I don't know if I would have it any other way.

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