June 15, 2005

Hey Lord, Don't Ask Me Question

(with apologies to Graham Parker...)
As promised, I'll be answering questions which you - the reader - have asked. (Tried to post this morning, but thanks to Blogger, only half survived). Of course, only three of you did, so I'm going to have to be really clever on these. (Of course, it didn't help that I basically stole Mike's" idea)

Chris Brown asked How many boxes of comics do you have? Are they in alphabetic order? What's your secret favorite issue and why?

I now have three boxes - unfortunately, one box got destroyed by being stored in my basement. Yes, they are in alphabetical order, and my secret favorite issue is Sandman Mystery Theater # 33. It's the third part of the "Man of the Hour" arc, it features Rex "Hourman" Tyler, and also has both guys in their Golden Age costumes in a nice, pulp-inspired adventure.

BTW Drop the Zero and get with the hero, support Rann!

Never! Thanagar rules! (Besides, any guy who willingly quotes Vanilla Ice deserves contempt. I say Pfeh!)

Logan asks, Okay, here's one, what's your favcorite film ever, and why?

I had to really think about this one - I have several that are close seconds - Star Wars, A Hard Day's Night (it's got the Beatles plus clever writing & sharp direction), The Third Man(Orson Welles! Viennese sewers!), Animal Crackers (The Marx Brothers with a plot), and Free Enterprise (like Swingers, only it has the added bonus of Shatner rapping Shakespeare...and I bet those dudes at SciFiDaily have never heard of this movie)

My number one film - this one. It has everything a movie needs - ruminations on life, love, mortality, as well as huge honkin' spaceship battles. And yes, I have the two DVD set.

Finally, Psychbloke asks, "er....favorite Doctor Who?"

That's relatively easy - started with Pertwee, easily my favorite (patronising, rude, extremely Bond-ish), with Davison coming in a close second. (He was Doctor during my sad, fan teenage years, so go figure). I had a little too much Tom Baker exposure, never saw too much Hartnell/Troughton (although my preference is Troughton), Colin Baker got too short a season, McCoy comes in a close third, McGann didn't have much of a script, and no opinion on Eccleston, as I haven't seen him yet.

So, kids, here's what's coming up on Blog This, Pal:
  • Zero Effect, a lost classic
  • ponderings on employment
  • Mixed Bag reviews; and
  • of course, more wacky pop culture shtick

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