June 2, 2005

Pull File Adventures

Since I hadn't checked the pull file at my local retailer since the early days of the Clinton administration, I decided to make a stop and get my usual reading material. Of course, I was a little shocked to find The Omac Project # 2 and Day of Vengeance # 2 in my file, and I pointed out to the clerk that I hadn't subscribed to either. He shot me a slightly annoyed look, browsed through the Big Pull File Binder, and found that I really hadn't subscribed to either book.

(Think this is an evil plot, or just a new DC marketing strategy).

Ok, out of snark mode, and onto the stash:

Green Lantern # 1: If this were just a simple reboot, I would be able to enjoy it more. However, given the sturm und drang of Jordan's return, especially since it was done by a very vocal contingent, it somehow seems a little lacking. Cool moments, but doesn't quite hang together for me.

Flash # 222: How could Geoff Johns go from writing the above to this? I'm really digging Rogue War - a semi-solid Identity Crisis riff, some interesting repercussions, and an out-of-nowhere death. However, it's gotten my attention, which says something.

Legend # 3: I really enjoy this book, and Chaykin's to be commended for moving up the timeline. There's an even deeper resonance than would be expected, and I'm a sucker for pulp novels/adaptations.

Invincible # 0: this book has done what good zero issues should do - make me want to read the book (and past issues). Definitely going to follow up on this one.

Ultimate Iron Man # 2: Boring, too decompressed, and an offensive (to me) final page - definitely ending my run here. Not even going to bother with the trade.

Legion of Super Heroes # 6: Even as an old school Legion fan, I really enjoy the way the overall "plot" is building. We learn about Legion finances, meet a potential enemy, and have an illustrated letter column. Three stories in one book - definitely a keeper.

Ultimates 2 # 6: I want to see an Ultimate Defenders book. Seriously. (And who thinks the "traitor" will turn out to be Ultimate Bruce Banner? Anyone? If I'm wrong, lunch is on me)

JLA # 114: a hasty (but ok) wrap-up to the Crime Syndicate arc. Although I'm willing to bet that the whole "cosmic egg" thing will be a major part of Infinite Crisis.

Exiles # 64: Favorite moment - Beak towards the end. Even though I haven't been an X-Fan in a long time, I like the fact that it takes guts to have a character say, "I'm not strong, I don't shoot eye beams, I'm not smart...but what I can do is make friends" and have it be the coolest moment in the book.

(Note to self - start reading more non-spandex material)

And finally,

Doctor Who Magazine # 356: Given that there's no American distributor for the show (and my own refusal to download episodes), this is the closest we'll come to getting up-to-date news. I mean, there's a new style Dalek on the cover! Tons of pictures and coverage (including the upcoming Eccleston/Tennant change)! All we need is a smart video company to release the episodes on DVD here in America, and we'd be set.

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