July 10, 2005

Coming Up For Air

Between job interviews, the attacks in London, and a police officer being shot in Kirkwood, things have had me busier than Roseanne at a pie eating contest. So consider this a brief sojourn into the blogosphere, since I'm going to have to cook up some interesting posts.

First, for my pal Mark - the Church of Kotyk is now online. Those DAM ROTTON kids will get FEEFINED, no question ask.

I also added two blogs who've linked to me - Abject Conjecture and Brain Poop. Read 'em. Believe 'em. Live 'em.

The Ink Slinger has some really good advice for all bloggers, myself included.

I don't know which is worse for Tom Cruise - the fact that the American Psychiatric Association is on his tail, or that he believes this stuff.

Quick question for both of my female readers - I was talking to a fellow unemployed male friend of mine about seeking romance while seeking jobs. He sees it as cool, because hey, we all need to get our groove on; I am for first things first, since men need finance for romance, and that women dig guys who can support themselves. Your thoughts (in Comments, of course)?

Netflix Fan shows us what online DVD rental service caters to naughty people.

One show that I have been enjoying on DVD is the first season of Dinner for Five - were it on in the late '90s, it would have been seen as a celebrity retread of Politically Incorrect. However, it's a great casual insider look at how Hollywood operates. And if there are any producers out there - I'd like to do a show like it, focusing on bloggers. Let's face it, so many takes - liberal vs. conservative, zombie hunters vs. zombies, and we would visit "watering holes" all over St. Louis (and, if budget allows, other areas of the country). Taking our name from an old MST3K joke, we would call the show The Drinking Man's Justice League.

Finally, for Johnny Bacardi and Will Pfeiffer - some MicroHeroes sites, and for your pleasure - Jack Knight, Starman.

As always, thanks for reading.

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