August 24, 2005

Mixed Bag 2: The Wrath of Khan

Check out these previous installments - that's right, friends, it's time once again for more Mixed Bag reviews! (And a hearty thanks to Roger for his kind words, proof positive that my idea to enclose a $20 bill with each disc was a wise investment) Let's face it, nothing says fun like mixtape (or mix CD) exchanges - so let's get with the reviewing!

First, Eddie from Renaissance Geek has come out with a home run, forming the first Mixed Bag hat trick. This disc is non-stop listenable, moving from rustic folk to New Wave bounce to dark sing-along to smoky torch to power pop....I think you get the picture. This disc has definitely captured my imagination, and is a definite keeper in the can't-live-without-it category.

I also want to thank Dave for his "simplemix" - the first line of the first song (about "playing with your office supplies") reminds me of my dad. (He once gave me a briefcase full of supplies pilfered from his office. I'm not making this up). It reminds me of the mix tapes I would do in college - no real theme, but just a bunch of cool songs that hang well together. Any disc that can encompass the New Pornographers, Elvis Presley, and Bad Religion is all right with me.

In counseling and psychotherapy, there's a concept called the "corrective emotional experience." Thanks to Thom's Into the Wabac Machine, I am cured of the neuroses that resulted from growing up in the 80's, aka "the dark ages of pop music". Basically a collection of great covers, it kicks off with a Sledge Hammer quote, then goes into a mega-dancable version of Duran Duran's "Reflex". Highlights include a punky "True Faith", a truly apocalyptic "1999", a punky "Every Breath You Take", a haunting "Eyes Without A Face"...maybe it's nostalgia, but this is another disc that I've listened to repeatedly. Your mileage may differ, but I dig this.

Finally, I am definitely going to buy more Ait/Planet Lar comics, especially after hearing the soundtrack to Astronauts in Trouble. I mean, George W. singing Queen? A Louis Prima tune that I never knew the title of (only knowing the drum beat) until now? It's a pretty heady mixture of tunes and miscellaneous sound bits (the tech support bit at the end - killer), but at least I can skip the non-music tracks if I choose. (I also want to thank him for the "Making of Astronauts in Trouble" - it's like having a "special features" section of my favorite comic. Heck, I may even get inspired to work on my own graphic novel - it lays it all out, and is an entertaining read in its own right.

Finally, check out this hip new humor blog. It's more fun than a poke with a sharp stick, if that's your idea of fun.

Also, for your information - a Christian's take on Bush (from Laura's blog).

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