September 18, 2005

Don't Ask Me Question Part Deux

As promised, you ask questions, I answer them. Plus, it gives me some things to blog about for the next day or so.

Roger gets us off to a great start:

What defines FRESH on your bloglinks?

Updated within 24 hours, thanks to Blogrolling. Of course, if someone uses Blogger's comments, that also counts as "fresh".

Who was the first person you kissed romantically, and what were the circumstances?

I was a late bloomer when it came to women - it was a then-girlfriend, 1995, during Pulp Fiction. Gives this song a whole new meaning.

Why do you hate cats?

I do not hate cats. I love cats. I own a cat. I've had cats since high school. Find a post in which I say "I hate cats". Cats are fun.

Why is St. Louis such a good baseball city?

I think St. Louis, in general, is a great sports town. I think it's a good baseball city simply because we have one good team, rather than Chicago, which has two mediocre ones.

What semi-illegal (or totally illegal) thing hsave you done in the vicinity of the arch?

Does forgetting to feed a parking meter count? Otherwise, nothing.

Next up is the mighty Chris "Lefty" Brown, who asks:

What comic books are you currently enjoying?

On the non-major side, I really dig Invincible (evocative of the Silver Age with a 21st century flair), Astro City, and Ex Machina (Superheroics + city politics = great read all around). For Marvel, Exiles and Young Avengers. From DC, Fables, JSA, and Legion of Super Heroes. Am always willing to take recommendations.

You're inviting a bunch of us over for a BBQ, what's on the menu?

Hamburgers, hot dogs, and pork steaks. No veggie/tofu/wussy food. Meat for the meat eaters, yeah! (Of course, it's also a potluck, so everyone's bringing a side/chips/soda)

Beer or wine? If yes, what's your favorite?

Beer - either Schlafly Pale Ale (aka "Nectar of the Gods") or Samuel Adams.

(Just coincidentally, it is illegal to serve wine in St. Louis City. At least, it should be illegal)

Finally, James Meeley asked:

What are the top three main probelms within the comic industry, and what do you think is the solutions to fixing them?

That's a good question - so good, in fact, that I'll wait until Monday to write a whole post and answer them. (As well as talk about what's right with the industry - gotta have balance, you know).

Until then, readers, remember - Oreos are meant to be eaten with the centers intact, and not scraped out, like my grandmother used to do.

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