October 12, 2005

Gettin' Personal

First, a great recommendation - be sure you pick up and read Where the Truth Lies, especially before the movie comes out. For one thing, it's a cracking good story about a comedy duo and their possible involvement in the death of a young girl. In addition, Rupert Holmes redeems himself for this song. And don't let my reputation as an "online tough guy" sway you.

Anyway, had a job interview on Monday that went OK - nothing major; wasn't as prepared as I should have been. However, I'll be preparing for an interview later this afternoon, and the agency was nice enough to send me some of their informational materials. (OK, maybe they sent it to all of their candidates, but it's still extremely flattering). Hopefully, I can get something to earn some income - but thankfully, DC has a site which spoils their own comics. Between that and Spoilt!, my comic budget has gone down, and I can concentrate on quality.

Anyway, if you dig the fan fiction, check out this Avengers fan fiction site. It's....interesting. (And it's the British Avengers, not the Marvel ones).

Finally, news that both I and Laura can enjoy - the mouth on legs is returning!

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