October 8, 2005

Hot, Happening News

First, I'm in the process of getting some relatively old (within 1 year) printers ready to sell on eBay (along with some other stuff) - if you're interested, please let me know. I'm also working on a couple of interesting pieces, mostly television related, so keep watching this space!

Thanks to Greg at Delenda Est Carthago (and happy blogiversary!), I am the proud winner of America: The Book. Yes, dear readers, people do win blog contests!

Andy asks what wine goes with porn (probably not work safe) and offers free stuff (definitely work safe).

Missouri's considering a cigarette tax, and already, there's some disagreement about how it should be spent. Of course, with a governor who has relatives in the tobacco industry, that's cool...just as it's cool to, say, have someone who isn't a judge serve on the US Supreme Court.

(End of soapbox. Honest.)

Roger answers your questions - and I've actually seen Ms. Fischer "in the flesh" at the St. Louis International Film Festival last year. She is very attractive in person, and I'm not just saying that because I really enjoyed her film LolliLove. Honest. I am glad to hear that it's coming out on Troma in 2006 - see this movie, people. You will love it.

Chris "Lefty" Brown also answers your questions.

If you have freaky dreams, head here to get them interpreted.

Here's my sure-fire Hollywood hit: an adaptation of this comic character starring her. (Have I been single too long or what?)

The Absorbascon has been taken over by a big monkey. Now, is there spanking involved?

You know why I love Something Old, Nothing New? Only there can you find a post on F-Troop. If you dig pop culture of the past, there's a little something for everyone.

Mike takes a little time to share some Joker resources. (Hey, Mike - howzabout the Inferior Five? I mean, any man who publicly admits this needs to make some amends)

Finally, let's all wish the Spinster a belated birthday.

Thanks, and more to come.

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