January 27, 2006

More Wildcat Facts

Because you can't get enough of the man in the kitty suit - more facts about everyone's favorite Golden Age tough guy. Even though we all agree that Wildcat is love, it's time to learn more about the object of our affection. He's large, he's tough, he boxes, and here's the kind of facts about this kind of guy that you just have to spread on the Internet.
  • Dr. Mid-Nite's main source of income? Treating Wildcat's opponents – very lucrative business. And business is good. Very good.
  • Two words of advice to follow when you're hit by Wildcat: Stay Down.
  • Wildcat loves Black Canary like a daughter. This explains Green Arrow's authority issues.
  • Isaac Mizrahi. Bill O'Reilly. Wildcat doesn't like you. He wants to introduce you two fine gentlemen to Senor Lefty & Senor Righty. You both have been warned.
  • On the 8th day, God created Wildcat and said, “Phew, even I can't surpass that, and I'm omnipotent.”
  • Wildcat was once abducted by aliens, who then proceeded to clone him. Although the clones were OK, they were nowhere near Grant's perfection, and were later relocated to a planet called “Thanagar”.
  • Before Identity Crisis, a “mind wipe” usually meant, “Wildcat's bolo punch
  • The Cat-Cycle? Harley. What else?
  • Once scared the bejeezus out of Vandal Savage by proclaiming, "I floss chunks of fools like you out of my teeth every night."
  • Wildcat – the only man to escape the Manhunters.
  • Never, ever put ketchup on a hot dog around Wildcat. Just ask Johnny Thunder.
  • Wildcat's punches can shatter adamantium.
  • On Rann, Wildcat is known as “He We Shouldn't Make Angry Because He Can Hurt Us and We Bruise Easily, and So We Should Just Call Him Sir and Make Sure He Has Plenty of Chocolate Milk”
  • Wildcat's nickname for Chuck Norris? “Mr. Brown Pants Girly Man”
  • The real reason Krypton exploded: Jor-El attempted to harness the energy from Wildcat's uppercut.
  • Terry Sloane was originally going to call himself "Mr. Perfection", but once he met Wildcat...he realized he was only "Terrific" because Wildcat is perfection.
(And by the way, if you love this idea, and don't want to get involved in the other comics-blogging-meme-sensation, please feel free to link to this post. However, don't pass it off as your own (as has happened to other, better bloggers) because Wildcat will whomp you if you do). In Wildcat's eyes, that's cheating, and cheating is an academic crime.

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