January 19, 2006

Random Wildcat Facts

Always one to beat a dead horse - in celebration of Dorian's approval and pro-Wildcat stance, I'm taking a page from another pop culture internet phenomenon, and bringing you some random Wildcat facts. Enjoy!

(Yes, I do have a little too much free time at work - why do you ask?)
  • In a fight with Wildcat, there will be only two hits - Wildcat hitting you, and you hitting the floor.
  • Al Pratt was once 6'5" in height. However, he made the mistake of calling Wildcat "shorty". We all know what happened next.
  • Wildcat will hit you so hard, your descendents in the Legion of Super Heroes will feel it.
  • For a bet, Wildcat made the g*****n Batman soil himself. It wasn't pretty.
  • Here are Wildcat's seven most favorite blogs
  • DC has to print a retraction in its Crisis Times Five collection, because Wildcat considered it "libellous" that he lived long through magic.
  • The real reason Fanboy Rampage folded? Graeme thought Wildcat was "kinda lame".
  • Wildcat has a pretty powerful liver, and can drink 100 times his own weight in tequila. Luckily, however, he prefers beer.
  • Brian Bendis once proposed a Wildcat series to DC, and Wildcat convinced him to take his ideas to Marvel and apply them to Daredevil. And by "convinced", I mean "kidney punched"
  • Bruce Lee once challenged Wildcat to a fight during the filming of Enter the Dragon. Lee lost so badly that he ordered the film and negatives burned.
  • Both Miraclo and Viagra were synthesized using Wildcat's chin stubble.
  • Although they never specified where Wildcat operated, rumor has it it's St. Louis, and that if you're lucky, you can shoot some pool with Ted Grant at Fitz's on a Saturday night.
  • Pre-Roth Van Halen wanted Wildcat to be lead singer, but he didn't think they "rocked hard enough"
  • The real reason Jean Loring went nuts? Wildcat claimed that he didn't want "the world's smallest man's sloppy seconds" (Yes, I will burn in hell for that one. Yes, indeedy)
  • The real reason Sandman switched costumes? One of Wildcat's practical jokes. Wildcat later told Sandman, "You really didn't think purple and gold were your colors, did you, Dodds?"
  • Wildcat's favorite actor? Dennis Farina.
  • Lex Luthor and Braniac once tried to kidnap Wildcat to use his chin stubble to give Luthor a head of hair. Luckily, Wildcat introduced both to "Senor Lefty" and "Senor Righty", putting an end to that nefarious plot. Plus, Wildcat's gut punching Braniac invented the Internet.
  • Wildcat wants you to spread the word. Trust me, it won't be pretty if you don't.

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