February 1, 2006

Various and Sundry

The past 48 hours have been a relative blur - the new job is definitely keeping me busy. I've had several meetings, spent all day yesterday reviewing long documents as background material...and although I haven't been in my new office yet, I saw the outside...and it rocks.

I'm talking front porch, Victorian architecture...I swear, it looks like it comes out of a Mark Twain novel. They're still laying lines (computer, phone, etc) into what would be "my" office, so I can't wait.

There's a lot I can't wait for - a steady paycheck, the ability to buy comics, although these past six months have shown that now, I can cut down on my spending even further. I wasn't the "gotta-buy-a-title-no-matter-how-stinky-it-is" type, but I can spread my tastes further, and I'll (more than likely) switch to a store that's closer to me.

Anyway, enough of my yakkin' - if you're bored, please feel free to go map yourself, or fill out the sidebar poll, or even join the Comics Blog Legion. (Hey, if I can't do some promotion in absentia, what good is it).

Until then, and this is my last entry ever....always remember:

And with that, the meme is officially dead.

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