September 14, 2006

Make With the Linky

First, one more day to sign up for the CD Exchange - so please feel free to shoot me that e-mail.

As many of you are aware, there is a certain blogger who asked another blogger to "cease and desist" from linking to him. Several in the blogosphere have spun their version of it, and Blog THIS, Pal! is no exception.

My linking policy is this - do it. Please. As frequently and as often as you'd like. I don't care.

Hey, link to a post that you like - we could use the readership, which consists of these five fine young gentlemen and, according to rumor, Peter Falk. Link to a post that you disagree with, and call us out because you disagree. Let's face it, we could use the controversy, especially since I have a tendency to say things like, "Greg Land is a great artist".

Actually, I would never say anything like that about that talentless hack, er, I mean, "comics artist."

Those of us who have blogs, we do it for the attention. We want people to read. So please, no shrinking violets here - if you want to link, do it. We don't mind. Honest.

EDIT - Forgot to mention Eddie as a reader, especially since I overlooked him for Mr. Wears-a-Hairpiece-In-An-Awkward-Place. My sincere apologies to Eddie.

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