October 2, 2006

If There's No Future, How Can There Be Sin?

To be honest, I did it...because I was curious. Except for a somewhat scholarly interest in the Tarot, I'm not at all what you'd call a New Age guy. I'm spiritual, but to a point - I'm spiritual because it's the most logical choice of action. So when my local Meetup group sponsored a psychic party, I decided to move forward. After all, who wouldn't want a glance at the future?

Now, I've watched enough Penn and Teller to know that there's what's known as a "cold reading" - that often, psychics (or those who proclaim psychic abilities) often throw out clues and generalities that people often adapt for themselves. (Or, as I learned in grad school, the Barnum effect). So I went in expecting little...and received some rather dead-on feedback.

Much of it was stuff that, admittedly, they had thrown out randomly, but also, some of it was extremely accurate, involving family members. I'm not talking about "you have a mother and a father" information, but information that was (and is) not public knowledge. (So my overidentification with Bob Newhart was never acknowledged). Much of it was mixed - a person at work who bugs me but "they bug everybody" was misidentified as a woman, when it's really a man.

But the important parts - the stuff that I was given advice on - was interesting, to say the least. Judge for yourself, dear reader.
  • I have a lot of good ideas for my agency, and I should write them down. As a result, I may end up getting a promotion after the first of the year because of my ideas.
  • I should seriously consider writing, because it's something that appeals to me.
  • In terms of a serious relationship, I'm "putting myself out there" more, and something should happen after the first of the year. However, I need to decide if I want kids or just a companion, because I treasure my independence.
  • Jobwise, there may be a change/promotion after the first of the year.
  • Most importantly: I am the Lizard King, and I can do anything.
Now, what's the point, you may be asking? In the rush after the party, I felt somewhat elated and validated, that my gut instincts (on several levels) were correct in terms of what I need to be doing. Now, I'm still convinced - not because someone else told me to, but because deep in my heart, I know what's right.

Still, I can see the attraction of psychics, Miss Cleo and Dionne Warwick notwithstanding - it provides an easy comfort for the future, giving simple snapshots of what may be. As a one-off, it was fine; as a way of life, not my cup of tea.

So it's in that spirit that I am going to attempt my own psychic predictions - please feel free to ask me your questions, and I, using my own innate psychic abilities (and, if all else fails, my magic 8 ball) to tell your future. You have until this Thursday to post your questions, and then, I shall help you determine your life's course...or, at the very least, make a snarky comment.

And it won't cost you a cent.

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