October 17, 2006

Stressed Out? Me? Nooooooo......

Sorry for the absence from the blogosphere, everyone - things at work have me *really* wound up. That, plus some physical symptoms (including a really bad cluster headache Sunday night) have meant less time for online schmoozing and writing.

Let's see...still digging 52, still avoiding Civil War like the plague....after reading The Boys # 3, am wondering what possessed me to buy that comic....Rhino's Replacements best-of is ok, but those final two tracks show how far the boys have fallen....the third season of Penn & Teller's B******* is pure genius....but all in all, I'm a little shagged out.

Enjoy the rest of the blogosphere for awhile - I'll be back before you know it.

EDIT: Since I'll be gone, here's a cheap pander to Random Panels:

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