January 22, 2007

You Win Some, You Lose Some...

First, thanks to everyone on the blogosphere who sent their well-wishes either privately or publicly; it's people like you (along with my real life friends) who make things worthwhile.

However, the car is...toast. As much as this stinks, it has me really considering moving back to Chicago. Part of it is St. Louis' transit system, but quite frankly...I miss my family. I miss Svengoolie. I miss breaded steak sandwiches the size of Doberman puppies.

But...when I moved to St. Louis, I was getting over a bad breakup, and it wasn't really my choice. However, there's really nothing keeping me here but friends...I've pretty much met all of my professional accomplishments...and although I'm still ambivalent, I am much more open to returning to the city where I grew up. Plus, I'll always have this blog to remind me of the treasures of St. Louis.

(Plus, it means that Andy can corrupt me).

Anyway, my only pet peeve - 40 some minutes of Heroes, and no Christopher Eccleston.

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