June 28, 2007

Making Public Amends

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Oh, boy...this is where I have to come clean.

My online behavior has been...well, appalling. Rude. Flat-out nasty.

I've been close to patronizing - and flat out insulting - to Mike. As Greg himself pointed out, I've flat-out insulted him not once, but twice. And a keen listener of the most recent podcast pointed out that I was a little rough on Roger.

And for that, I need to make amends and apologize to all three gentlemen. My mood, as of late, has not been pleasant - mostly, it's been frustrating. And rather than be up front about it, or even mature, I chose to let my nasty side out...and quite frankly, it wasn't cool to do so at the expense of others.

So, in that spirit, rather than dwell on negativity, I will offer my humble apologies to my fellow bloggers...and share the stuff that I'm major league grooving on that does not involve the words "Doctor" or "Who".
  • From Hell - So far, I'm enjoying Alan Moore's take on Jack the Ripper. Yes, there's quite a bit of material covered, but this reads almost like a practice run towards League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Lost Girls.
  • Veronica Mars - The Complete Second Season - Thanks to Mom's generosity, I've "borrowed" her second season set, and I have to tell you...it's that good. I'm in the middle of the season, just past these two facing off in "My Mother, the Fiend", and with a nice drop-a-plot-point-followed-up-next-episode twist that is just frickin' clever. If a man my age loving this show is wrong...I just don't want to be right.
  • July's Record You Should Own - I was trying to decide between three other records for the podcast, but this one - which I had all along - kind of snuck up on me. You're going to have to listen in July - I won't give any hints. Sorry.
  • The Venture Bros.: Seasons One and Two - shortly behind Harvey Birdman as my favorite Adult Swim show. Funny as hell, some nice continuity, now please tell me there's going to be a comic book version.
  • Never Eat Alone - Although I'm not the all-out networker that Mr. Ferrazzi is, I am gaining some cool tips and tricks from this book.

But again, Mike, Greg, and Roger - my apologies. Next time you're in town, I'm buying you my new favorite junk food - Wow Bao. You'll love it.


Roger Owen Green said...

Oh, boy, can't wait to hear it. I'm currently at a secret location without access to sound. So, you're forgiven, and I don't even know what I'm forgiving you for, yet.

Mikester said...

You were insulting to me? When? I never felt offended or put out in the slightest by anything you've said...I know it's all in fun!

Greg said...

I have such low self-esteem I'm just glad when ANYONE mentions me, because otherwise I would be sad and alone and have only the children to validate my existence ... and they're too busy watching the Wiggles!!!!!