October 15, 2007

The Greatest Comic In the History of Western Civilization

When I was young, there was one artist who had a very formative influence on me - his mini-strips in DC Comics helped me acquire a warped sense of humor; his knowledge of comics history helped me learn more about the medium; and he had the backbone to destroy the entire Marvel Universe.

His name is Fred Hembeck.

And you can now purchase 900 pages of his groundbreaking art in one omnibus. Come on, deep down inside, you want this book. It's like oxygen - you can't live without it.

Go ahead. Buy a copy. Buy two, and give one to a young person. Help corrupt our youth.

There's even a link below this sentence to make it easy for you to order:

Between this and the debut of TV Party, my mind is now officially blown.

Thank you, Mr. Hembeck.

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Roger Owen Green said...

yet I've never heard of him