March 31, 2008

April's Record You Should Own

(Yes, I'm quite aware that I am posting this in March, and I say that it's going out on April Fool's Day - I have a doozy of an idea for an April 1st post that isn't a prank. Honest).

Click here to get your own player.

EDIT: No, this is not an April Fool's Prank - somehow, a note I had posted as part of Bahlactus' Friday Night Fights got converted into this post. I take full responsibility - I must have assumed that I wasn't linked to. If you clicked on a link there, it's not his fault, but mine. My humble apologies.


Roger Owen Green said...

Gordon- in that song, I'm hearing not only Too Much To Deream and the Floyd references (Dark Side) - although I'm also hearing The Chamber Brothers' Time Has Come Today and the Stones' Paint It Black. Or maybe the acid hasn't worn off.

Where's the Amazon link? Might want to get this?

Gordon D said...

Link is up - I had set up the wrong Amazon link; one takes you to the import version (which is up and running), the other to the out-of-print domestic version.

And on the song, I'm also hearing FIRE by the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, and a little bit of Who-esque harmonies (see "I Can See For Miles").

But that's one of the cool things about this album - it's a great way to play spot-the-reference. And no matter what, you'd be right.