May 1, 2008

Gordon Helps You This Mother's Day!

You're probably wondering - with Mother's Day coming up, you probably want to get a heads-up. After all, all your Mother ever did was undergo intensive pain just to be sure you had a good life.

Nah, no guilt here.

I'm going to do something that I rarely - if ever - do.

I'm going to encourage you to visit the Buy THIS, Pal! Store.

That's right - whether you want to buy your mom, oh, all three seasons of Doctor Who on DVD, or purchase a past edition of the "Record You Should Own"'s the place where you can get what you need. (Plus, it's through, and in full disclosure - I get a small percentage of purchases. Plus, in a few weeks, I'll be reorganizing the store, so I thought I'd get some mileage before making huge changes).

But this post is also - in all honesty - a chance for you, the blog reader, to provide some feedback. I'm thinking of opening another store through another vendor - how many of you (and you are more than welcome to contact me privately) would purchase the following:
  • Coffee mugs (and I've got one bid)
  • Mouse pads
  • T-shirts (and I think this would be a small percentage, to be honest - it's too niche-y to warrant serious exploration)
  • Other stuff, which you'll suggest
I'm thinking of having stuff with our banner, another cool related graphic, as well as what I predict will be the new catchphrase of 2006, "Duck, Dr. Wayne, duck!!!!"

And so, make Mom happy this Mother's Day with some cool items!

Coming soon to Blog THIS, Pal!: May's Record You Should Own podcast. Season 4 Saturdays with the Ood. Another visit to the Public Domain Drive In. And of course, more comic related stuff.

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