May 9, 2008

Mixed Bag - The Directors Commentary

As a past - and current - participant in Lefty's Mixed Bag initiative, I often write a track-by-track commentary for each disc I create. This time, it's no different - if you're interested in a copy, please let me know. (I'll have mailed the Mixed Bag discs by now, so the participants get first crack, so to speak). The mix, "Shiny, Hardboiled and Full of Sin", was named after a Raymond Chandler quote. No overarching theme - just some good songs.

And so we go:

Intro: Harvey Birdman discusses constitutional law.

New Kind of KickCramps: Lux Interior, in my opinion, is neck-and-neck with Iggy Pop as coolest - and scariest - [12 letter expletive with oedipal overtones] on the planet.

Ace of SpadesMotorhead: If your brain does not explode after listening to this track, you are one tough dude indeed. Featured on The Young Ones.

The Day the World Turned Day-GloX-Ray Spex: The irony of this song isn't that it's a great punk song...but the lead singer was singing her heart out, going full 15 years old. If that doesn't impress you, I don't know what will.

Long Dark TwentiesPaul Bellini: Yes, the towel man from Kids in the Hall sings on this selection from the soundtrack to Brain Candy. It's kind of a cool tune.

Born in the UKBadly Drawn Boy: It would be easy to describe this song as a British "We Didn't Start the Fire", but it's not. It's an under-three-minute gem that you'll keep playing over and over again. Thanks to mp3s, you don't even have to worry about wearing out your player or the track.

I Can’t DecideScissor Sisters: Ok, Dorian, Lefty, Greg, and Russell - I'm starting to warm up to the Scissor Scissors. Never mind the fact that this was featured in the final episode of Doctor Who series three. Happy now?

The Wedding of Bouncing BoyYoyodyne: I'm not sure if I got this from the Accordion Guy, or one of the two Legion blogs I read. But it's a great track.

She’s So YoungPursuit of Happiness: At 20, I thought this song had nothing to do with me. At 40, I realize it has everything to do with me. Mellow, but insightful.

ChihuahuaBow Wow Wow: The best Blondie imitation that you never heard...until now.

Bang & BlameREM: Hey, the reggae bass beat with the brief bursts of feedback, combined with Stipe's croon-to-scream vocals? Sexiest. Song. REM. Ever. Recorded.

Sex MachineJames Brown: Lefty once asked Roger to dress up as Cornell West. I am asking Lefty to post a video of himself dancing to this song.

Humpty DanceDigital Underground: I can relate to a lot in this song, and really love the great groove. I cannot, however, claim to have "gotten busy" in a Burger King bathroom. Those rooms are disgusting.

No Means NoChuck D (featuring Fine Arts Militia): This is a track from a Wired CD compilation, and mixes all sorts of stuff. You can never have too much hip-hop.

The Hunter Gets Captured By The GameMarvelettes: An interesting track - a smoking, soulful track sung by the group that did "Mr. Postman" written by Smokey Robinson. Why this wasn't a bigger hit, I have no idea.

Staring At The Rude BoysThe Ruts: From this month's Record You Should Own. Think the writers of Galaxy Quest listened to this song while writing the film?

HypocriteLush: Dear Miki Berenyi - please come back. Soon. I miss you.

Mah Mah LimboSteve Allen: See comments to "Sex Machine" above.

What Do You Know?Buzzcocks: The guitars are a driving dirge, the lyrics are slightly philosophical ("You only perceive what you believe"), and the horns are soulful. One of the Buzzcock's final initial's a mess, but I love it.

Daily NightlyMonkees: From another Record You Should Own - covers similar thematic territory as the Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth", but almost done in a slightly noir style with some great moody synthesizer.

Time Has Come TodayChambers Brothers: We started punky and are ending hippie - I love the five minute version of this song with the slightly trippy middle. (There's a three minute and twelve minute version out there). Plenty of cowbell!

Outro: So many ways to say goodbye....


Roger Owen Green said...

Dance, Lefty, DANCE!
I've been away for a few days sans Internet; hope you're OK.

Greg said...

Dang, I really have to put my disc together. Yours sounds pretty darned keen.