June 6, 2008

Season Four Saturdays Prelude: Mid-Season Trailer

Between "The Unicorn & the Wasp" and "Silence in the Library" - due to it being preempted by the Eurovision song contest - the BBC showed a special version of the Doctor Who trailer.

I'm posting it now rather than back when it was released because:
  1. I'm a completist
  2. It has spoilers a-plenty; and
  3. You'll dig it.
(And yes, if the Beeb determines that I'm infringing on their rights, this video will be pulled. Fair's fair)

1 comment:

Roger Owen Green said...

I happen to be enthusiastically in favor of your copyright position. Not only is not everything that companies say are copyrighted actually copyrighted (see Boston globe's "copyright" of the Declaration of independence a few years back), but fair use also allows for even copyrighted works to be used in some cases.