July 2, 2008

A Blogging Pal's Milestone & Meme

Recently, fellow comics blogger/classic Doctor Who fan/all around well guy Rich celebrated his 1,000th post - a milestone which I am slowly, but surely, approaching. However, I wanted to not only congratulate him, but to also follow up on his tagging me on a zombie meme.

The rules of the meme are simple:

You are in a mall when zombies attack. You have:

1.) One weapon.

2.) One song blasting on the speakers.

3.) One famous person to fight along side you (Historical or Fictional).

What are you choices?

Since I am a long time reader of Zombie Killer's blog, I am well aware of the challenges of fighting the undead. So here, in no uncertain terms are my choices.

  1. Weapon of Choice: Medieval Mace. No worries about reloading, combines the ease-of-use of a baseball bat with the pure destructive power of spikes. It's like two weapons in one!
  2. Song selection: gotta be Search & Destroy by the Stooges. Just give it a listen:

I don't think any other song says, "Good to kill zombies by" any more articulately than this one.

3. Person - Brock Samson of Venture Brothers, He's deadpan, droll, and will mess you up. Plus, he probably knows cool tricks on how to get rid of the undead:


Roger Owen Green said...

I hadn't actually checked until today: 1327 posts I have. Yikes!

Rich said...

Thanks! And nice choices too...

Stephen said...

wish i would have thought of brock. the swedish merder machine would decimated the deceased then take them to a prostitute