July 20, 2008

Coming This Fall to "Blog THIS, Pal!"

Ok, so I've managed to live blog season four of Doctor Who, which means...I'll have to take a little break from television. But come September, what show should I watch and blog for your entertainment. Well, OK, I had a poll, and 77% of you had indicated your choice...however, I humbly asked Roger for a quote to help push the show. His response:

But then, I asked Greg, who is one of the smartest bloggers on "the Internets", as the kids say. However, his response was a cryptic paraphrase from Virgil's Aeneid with an OK to use his photo:
So finally, I asked a true gentleman and my current blogging idol: Bully, the Little Stuffed Bull. Yes, he who makes comics fun, who is witty, charming, and is the one blogger I would love to meet face-to-face (or whatever stuffed cows call their faces). His response, so simple, so pure it makes your heart cry out in joy:

Well played, Mr. Bully, well played.


Roger Owen Green said...

Actually, what's your shoe size? I may steal them regardless.

Greg said...

Hey! I don't recall saying that!!!!