August 15, 2008

A Long-Delayed Apology

On this blog, I really try to have a "good neighbor" policy when it comes to treating readers - and other fellow online citizens - with respect. If I've posted copyrighted material, and the owner contacts me and asks that I pull it, I do so without hesitation. If I'm wrong about the facts of a given situation, I'll openly admit to it. If I act out of line or I say something that isn't appropriate, I'll apologize. It's nothing more than good internet citizenship - in 12 step terms, it's taking an inventory and making appropriate amends.

A little over a year ago, I posted about the then-current Star Trek: Klingons series, and wondered about the discrepancy between the Klingon women on the show...and the ones portrayed visually in the comics.

(Boy, that sounds really geeky typed out loud, doesn't it?)

Fortunately, the artist - David Messina - recently left a comment on that post, explaining his rationale...and quite frankly, I was way off the mark, and out of line.

It's easy to get caught up in what one thinks and, well, forget the right order to use their brains and keyboards. And that's what I did, and quite frankly - that was wrong. I have the right to an opinion...but not to get inside the head of an artist.

So David - I apologize for my comments. It might seem minor to you, but quite frankly, in retrospect, I was extremely disrespectful, and should have handled myself better.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled blog.

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