August 26, 2008

Messing With the Scottish Play

(Full Disclosure: a screener DVD was provided for this review).

In the many things that friends are colleagues are learning about me - from my choice of karaoke songs to my unusual tastes in television and books - it's time for another admission: I loves me some Shakespeare. Ironically, it was reading Macbeth in high school English - with its brooding mixture of political ambition, regicidal tendencies, and supernatural the unusual "curse" that surrounds the play - gave it a power that grasped my adolescent mind.

So much so that I probably would have liked Never Say Macbeth anyway, but putting my love of the Bard aside...this is a charming movie that starts awkwardly, but picks up speed to become, well, a great, entertaining independent comedy.

It begins with a simple premise - a science teacher reaches an audition in an attempt to win back his ex-girlfriend, who has ambitions towards an acting career. And yes, the first third or so is awkward - but stick with it. It turns into a pleasingly entertaining story that ends up incorporating into a pleasant romantic comedy, with a mixture of supernatural, musical comedy, and...well, it's just plain fun.

In an age where most mainstream fare tends to be by-the-book, it's rare to come across a movie that does follow a formula...but in so doing, really leaves room for some charm, wit, and, well...there aren't too many movies that go backstage behind a theater production.

I thoroughly enjoyed Never Say Macbeth. I think you will, too.

Highly recommended.

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