September 3, 2008

Because It's All About Me!

Well, as Mike Sterling (whom some misguided people do not find funny) proclaims, blogging about blogging is a sin. So in that regard, I'm preparing myself to engage the Sacrament of Penace by...well, blogging about blogging.

So here are some highlights/changes made in the blog, as well as other things you might find of interest:
  • If you look at the sidebar, you'll notice that this month, the Hulu sidebar widget is featuring the Three Stooges in September. Yes, this blog brings you the greatest in cutting edge entertainment.
  • Attention online stalkers - if you would like to continue to follow me, you can either be my fake friend on Friendfeed, or take a look at my Swurl page
  • Long time in coming - look at what I made on Wordle!
  • In addition, I also try to regularly update a tumblelog of inspirational quotes - and other wacky stuff of interest - on my Tumblr blog
  • Since we're seeing Halloween candy on our store shelves, let me just remind you - it's never too early to begin Christmas shopping...and there's an actual Buy THI$, Pal online store!
  • Now is your chance to pretend that you're in charge of our federal budget!
And to end today's post, I take a page from the Ben Varkentine blogging book:

For some reason, I am seriously wishing I were an astronaut right now.

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