September 18, 2008

A Brand New Blog!

Going to make this one rather short and sweet...

At work, I'm part of a new blog called Junk Fewd which looks at digital culture, and how we're starting the "good old days" for the next generation of digital natives.

My writing - well, it's just like this blog, only without the references to comic books. And pop culture. And I actually use spell check on my posts.

But it's more than that - it's a kind of discussion about where we are. You'll meet some of the people I work with. You'll read about "teh internets", and most importantly - it's good stuff all around.

That's "Junk Fewd"

Read it. Dream it. Believe it. Because the Internet is serious business.

P.S. I've included an old photo of my godson Logan for no other reason than an attention grabber. Enjoy!

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