October 22, 2008

5 Comics That Are Gordon's "Pull File Faves"

One of the things that I really missed when I first moved to Chicago - reading (and blogging about) comics. Yeah, I tried to do what I could, short of illegally downloading, but I missed my four color addiction.

Now that I have an actual "pull file" at my new local comic shop, I am really stoked about blogging about comics on a regular basis again. (In fact, I'll be writing some comic reviews that you'll see on the blog over the next few days).

So in that spirit, and blatantly plagiarizing another, better blog, here are my top five "pull file" picks - which, ironically, I had blogged about in the past (and have noted thusly).
  1. Greatest Hits - The premise of Vertigo's latest superhero series (a superteam with Beatle-esque reknown) might seem almost like a parody than the real thing. However, just two issues in...the premise works because it's not straightforward. There's no "Ringo-as-Green-Lantern" analogue; it jumbles archetypes and has a slightly knowing sense about it. I'm enjoying the heck out of it, but don't just take my word for it - Bully the Little Stuffed Bull thinks this comic is fun!

  2. Doctor Who: The Forgotten - Another comic that Bully and I enjoy - if you're looking to convert a comics fan into a Doctor Who fan, this is probably the comic to do it. (Personal highlight - the Doctor fighting humanoid greyhounds in spider walkers).

  3. Captain America - I'm not going to declare Joe Quesada unquestionably right - I think many of his attitudes about the character are still misguided. But Ed Brubaker did what I thought wasn't possible - reenergize Captain America by showing off his supporting cast, but more importantly, suggest how tough it would be to actually replace him.

  4. Guardians of the Galaxy - When I first read this, I thought it was Marvel's attempt to focus on and streamline its more cosmic side, and I make no apologies for liking this book. It's big, goofy space opera, but it's really entertaining big, goofy space opera - and besides, recent issues have done some smart things in terms of Marvel's Secret Invasion, which has still left me cold since the first issue. And speaking of futuristic franchises...

  5. Legion of Three Worlds - Like I mentioned previously, I am really digging this series - granted, it's big and messy, but it's taking three different legions, mashing them up, and really living up to the Final Crisis title. (Personal favorite moment - three Brainiac Fives arguing at once). With this, and the cancellation of the current Legion title...well, if this means a Geoff Johns-written book (or at the very least, his revamped characters in a new title), I'm all for it.
Whew, all I have to say is...I'm looking forward to blogging more about comics. Because, gosh darn it, I feel I've been away forever. And I'm also looking forward to Windy City Comicon this Saturday.


Mark said...

I have to agree with you on Guardians of the Galaxy. It is just plain fun; and any comic with Rocket Raccoon, is a must-have for me.

Russ Burlingame said...

1. Booster Gold
2. Manhunter
3. Deadpool
4. The Perhapanauts
5. The Walking Dead

Siskoid said...

While I was underwhelmed by Greatest Hits (I want to like it, but there's a lot of stuff like it out there, the time transitions are awkward, and well, I dunno), I have to enthusiastically agree with you about Doctor Who: The Forgotten. After dropping Doctor Who after only a couple of issues (as just fluff with art I didn't like), this mini has gotten me back on. It's a great tribute to each of the eras. Yes, a fine, short introduction to classic Who. Is this IDW opening the door to minis with different Doctors?