October 30, 2008

A "Fantastic" Endorsement On This All Hallow's Eve

We are living at a critical time in our nation's history - whether we cling to a desperate, almost superstitious past, or leap forward into a truly cosmic future. It is times like these that call for strong leadership, which is why Blog This, Pal! formally supports....

Dr. Reed Richards in 2008.

Normally, I don't endorse political candidates - I think people can acquire the appropriate information and make up their own minds. However, after speaking with Dr. Richards and his opponent via Twitter, I cannot help but feel that Dr. Richards is not only the stronger candidate, but a candidate we so desperately need. To paraphrase the Ninth Doctor, he is simply "Fantastic!"

His intelligence is an antidote to ignorance; his curiosity an antidote to narrow-mindedness; his flexibility sorely needed in our troubled times. He has consistently demonstrated leadership, fidelity to family, and quite simply, a willingness to face the impossible. Even his unconventional choice of a running mate - Luke Cage - shows a commitment to offender reentry and restorative justice. (Although I feel Ben Grimm, with his wartime record as a pilot, would be a stronger choice, Dr. Richards indicated that Mr. Grimm had no interest; I hope Mr. Grimm will serve in an advisory capacity, at the very least).

However, a note about Dr. Richards' opponent, Victor von Doom - this man, despite his empty arrogance, has little to show for it. His handling of Latveria has led it not only to economic depression, but to such a point where it resembles something out of feudal times. A man who hides behind masks - and Doombots - who can't even see the folly of exploiting unstable alternate realities - is nothing more than an arrogant coward with desires of dictatorship, and whose purple prose would make even Stan Lee himself blush.

Dr. Doom, I know Greg Burgas. Greg Burgas is a blogger friend of mine. You, sir, are no Greg Burgas. You're not even within two standard deviations of his IQ.

And yes, I have pledged my support for Greg Burgas as dictator, but quite frankly, our nation's current state does not deserve frivolity. Dr. Richards provides a great example of the kind of leadership - and character - we need. He has a loving family, an entire building, and a willingness to apply cutting edge technology to our nation's problems. So I am calling upon my fellow comics bloggers to throw their support behind a man who will stretch himself into a national leadership role - who has faced the Galactus issue head-on, and quite frankly, does more in one hour than many of us do in one lifetime.

This Tuesday, be the world's greatest citizen and throw your support behind Dr. Reed Richards.


Jeff said...

Cage isn't a fugitive? Are these Secret Invasion spoilers?

Gordon D said...

Jeff - No, there are no spoilers here. Just a tongue-in-cheek post. Honest.