November 30, 2008

November Record You Should Own - Contest Winners!

Yes, it's a double winner this month - not only do you get to learn about the winners of the Social Media A Go-Go contest, but I'm also featuring a previously-featured artist for this month's Record You Should Own.

Also, since Ms. Byron did not submit a question, she did not qualify for the outing I offered. However, it's still on the table.

(For prizewinners, I'll be contacting you and getting your information - you should receive your prizes in time for the holidays.)

You can either download from the libsyn page, or listen via the player in this blog's sidebar. (For those who have iTunes, please let me know if it shows up. If it doesn't, it means that I have some tweaking to do).

Thanks for reading, and trust me - I won't be waiting until December 30th for December's entry.


andyangelos said...

Thanks for all the name drops Gordon.

Roger Owen Green said...

Ooo, MYSTERY swag!