December 16, 2008

Countdown for A Time Lord

I'm not sure what's harder to believe - that in a little over a week, we'll see the latest Doctor Who Christmas special...or that in a little over a year, we'll see a regeneration story that will be David Tennant's last as the Doctor.

To be honest, I haven't really said anything about the news that Tennant will be leaving the role in 2010, just in time for Steven Moffat to take over as producer.

On the one hand, I've grown to really love Tennant's portrayal of the role, which I consider the "Davy Jones on espresso" Doctor. If his predecessor had the occasional flashes of humor through his battle-scarred persona, Tennant's Doctor was a mirror image, his seeming jocularity interrupted by flashes of rage, rudeness, intimidation, and regret. He's loved and lost (and regained and lost), he's become a father, dealt with the emotional aftermath of the Last Great Time War, force himself away from a trusted companion for her own's no wonder the Tenth Doctor is such a geek icon; he's handsome, emo, a snappy dresser, and quite handy with a sonic screwdriver. In short, I'll miss him when he's gone.

On the other hand, I'm glad that he's leaving on his own terms, that he's leaving before it "doesn't get to be fun anymore". His tour with the Royal Shakespeare Company as Hamlet has been rather interesting, with back injuries and some criticism (including a column by a man who interesting name, shall we say). But Tennant has, if we believe that one full season of new equals two fo the classic series, done as much as the actor who played the role on television longest. Rather than leave with the audience booing him off - or even with the equivalent of a classic series Season 17 - Tennant is walking away from a show that he loves doing.

Those more cynical than I would suggest that this is for money, or to continue his Shakespeare work - but quite frankly, it's his decision, and although I'm sad to see him go, I am glad that he's walking away, and that he's not going to be treated like another of his predecessors.

And based on the few times I've seen him, I'm glad this man is in the running for the role.


Siskoid said...

While I don't have any love for Paterson Joseph whatsoever, I'm glad Tennant is handing the reigns over.

Doctor Who tradition demands it, and I thought they missed an opportunity to oust him at the end of episode 12 when he only apparently regenerated. Rose finds the Doctor only to have him undergo a personality change, boo-ya, instant tragedy (instead of the clone lover idea, which I'm sorry, but deflates everything since Doomsday).

I like Tennant a lot, and after 4 years, it'll be weird to have someone new, but I loved Eccleston too and part of being a Whovian is dealing with the changes of the guard.

RedheadFangirl said...

Agree with all the Tennant comments here...I do adore that skinny doc with his great cut suits and wild hair. Especially this season with Donna as a companion. But we'll go where Who takes us...