December 11, 2008

Duane Dibbley's Podcast in a Thermos

This month is pretty much...well, kind of like last year, I'm representing the Christmas mix. (The podcast goes into a little bit more detail). Please feel free to either download the podcast directly, or listen via the embedded player in the sidebar.

(Yes, the post is slightly off, and it doesn't look right. Totally my bad - for a much more polished podcast featuring me, please check out my talk with Chuck at Comic Related. You'll feel much better).

In addition, in order to help support the artists featured, as well as make the shopping season easier, why not check out our affiliate store with Amazon? After all, it allows you to check out some of the things featured in this blog, as well as help pay for podcast hosting and some other stuff.

(Don't have a lot of overhead with the blog, fortunately, so I'm good that way).

Oh, and this goes out to all the Duane Dibbleys of the world, because I care. And I feel your pain.

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