December 25, 2008

Two Very Special Birthdays

Today will mark the birthday of a very special gentleman - a man who made his mark upon modern culture.

But which one it is depends on what you believe.

For several of us, it's Bogie Day - when we celebrate the life and work of Humphrey Bogart. I've written about this holiday last year; I strongly suggest that you engage in those celebrations....

...but more importantly, that we embrace our differences.

For example, a few of us (like pal Roger) take today to celebrate the birth of another gentleman; a man who has also provided us with tales of morality, of fantasy, and parables which continue to have an impact on our values and culture.

That Rod Serling.

His career demonstrates his ability to bring literate values to modern television screenwriting; in fact, very few of us would be here if it weren't for The Twilight Zone. Or even Night Gallery. And that ending to the original Planet of the Apes movie? His idea.

Now, it's easy today to want to celebrate other birthdays with tons of gifts....and candy....and carols....and semi-religious efforts. (Or in my household, catching up on classic Doctor Who) But in an attempt to help unite us all, devout and atheist, Buddhist and Capricorn - let me share two new non-denominational holidays. Two which allow us to bask in our love of the fantastic, of the literate, and quite simply...the remarkable in our culture.

Personally, I'll be firing up my Maltese Falcon DVD, maybe even downloading Beat the Devil for viewing. But don't let that stop you from celebrating the birth of either one of these gentlemen.

After all, it's not like there's any other holiday we're celebrating today, is there?

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