January 25, 2009

Celebrating Our Fifth Blogiversary with the Kids

You know, I was trying to think of a clever way to commemorate my fifth blogiversary in May...and then, looking through my DVDs, I realized that since May is the 5th month...and there are five seasons of the Kids in the Hall's initial HBO/CBC show...and it was the tenth anniversary of their debut...

...well, here comes the monthly liveblogging of the Kids in the Hall, season by season.

Why monthly? First, each season has well over twenty episodes, and although yes, I could watch a season a week...that may be a little too much. (One of the lessons I learned from Sundays in the Village is that if I don't pace myself, I end up not wanting to watch something for awhile...and the Kids deserve watching again and again.

So the schedule, as planned, looks something like this:

January - Pilot/Season One (on Saturday)
February - Season Two
March - Season Three
April - Season Four
May - Season Five/Brain Candy

But to get this party started right, a little bit of a treat this week - back in 1994, I and two other KITH fans from the late, lamented Prodigy Online service went to Toronto to catch one of the last few tapings of the show. Since I was a MemRep (or, "person who gets free online services for simply posting on a bulletin board"), I was fortunate enough to fly out. (Later on, I also got the chance to interview Paul Bellini over the phone, and by "interview" I mean "babble on gushingly like an obnoxious fan"). This week, I'm reprinting those on the blog, unedited...and when you read them, you will soon learn why I didn't really date much in my 20s.


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