January 7, 2009

Goin' Digital

Like many of you, I am growing extremely weary of the commercials advising us that TV is going digital in less than one month. However, early last summer I decided to play it safe and get my free coupon...and now, I have a digital converter box on my television.

However, just a few questions, comments, and flat-out digital jackassery:

  • What's the channel number for the CBS affiliate? I can't seem to find it, and if I get a hankerin' for franchise crime series, I'd like to be able to indulge. (Especially for a network that's earning some money...)
  • Only drawback - instead of snow, now my crappy reception looks like I'm playing a crappy DVD.
  • If WCIU really loved us, they'd do an all Svengoolie channel.
  • Personally, I believe cable television should be free. If some channels have paid advertising, then quite frankly....it seems like cable fees merely support the company. But since I'll never have cable again, that's OK.
  • You know, now with sites like Hulu, as well as DVDs...I'm actually watching less television.
  • If WTTW really loved us, they'd do an all Doctor Who Channel. Classic and modern.
  • Deal or No Deal is really just Jeopardy for really dumb people. Discuss.
  • Um, do we really need an all-Olympics channel? I mean, yes, I know NBC has the rights...but it's kind of embarrassing, really, since we know how it's gonna end.
OK, now...time to finally write January's TV Party column...and make sure I use verbs this time 'round....

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Roger Owen Green said...

I'm one of those people who only recently requested a coupon. Too late, it seems, since they've seemed to hae run out. It does seem, though, that Obama will either delay the start date or put more money into it - hey, everything else is getting a bailout, why not digital TV conversion? And while it seems to be working for you (exc the CBS affiliate), apparently some folks might need a stronger antenna. Sen. Bernie Sanders of VT suggested that an 80-year-old climbing on the roof in a Vermont February to fix the antenna is untenable.

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