February 8, 2009

Larry Trainor's Blues

Can't really blame Mr. Bacardi for this one - after all, he was just a messenger via Twitter.

However, I was very perturbed to hear what should have been good news - after all, DC announcing a new Doom Patrol series focusing on the original team at NYCC seemed interesting. Granted, previous attempts to take the team "back to its roots" were dismal failures, and John Byrne's take (the last) was one of the more mediocre attempts in the past few years.

(Of course, I'm holding the series to high standards, having just read all five volumes of the Doom Patrol Archive, as well as enjoying the heck out of Grant Morrison's run on Vertigo. I even liked Geoff Johns' take on the DP as the Addams Family of the DC Universe. So maybe I take my Doom Patrol a little too seriously).

But then, I read who was going to be the main creative force behind the new/old DP.

Keith Giffen.

And my heart sank into my chest.

Now, don't get me wrong - I loved Giffen's work on Legion of Super Heroes, and will defend to the death the SW6 Legionnaires and "Five Years Later" arc. After the sturm und drang of Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns, his bwah-ha-ha, more comedic approach in Justice League was a breath of fresh air. (And, of course, there's always Ambush Bug).

But there's something about Giffen's sense of humor that....well, grates after awhile. There's nothing wrong with being tongue in cheek, but sometimes, Giffen's sense of humor grates. He's like the co-worker who is so convinced he (or she) is right that nothing gets done because you spend so much time filling them in, or convincing them that their job is not to do what they want, but to complete the assignment.

For me, at least, Giffen can often try way too hard to convince the reader he's being funny...and compared to the tone of Drake's work (which Giffen is wanting to emulate), it might be a bit overwhelming.

But I'll keep an open mind, and at least read the first three issues....just don't be surprised if I stick around for any longer. After all, Giffen's no Grant Morrison...or Arnold Drake.

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Pj Perez said...

Just keep in mind that at least half of the "humor" from the bwa-ha-ha Justice League run with Giffen was provided by scripter J.M. DeMatteis (who tells a great tale of that team up here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/blog/post/PLNK2QGRA4994GB7O). So not all hope is lost ...