January 2, 2023

A Detour to the Second City

Normally, when I would write a post like this, it would start with a warning in big, bold letters in a different font - In the interests of full disclosure, a complimentary ticket was provided for this post. However, the tickets came at the right time for me emotionally - my mother has been in and out of the hospital for the past few months, and my sense of humor was sorely out of whack. (But not so much that, when one coworker asked for another coworker's headband, I asked if he was planning to wear red leather and sing "Working for the Weekend"). But I've only been to Second City once before, years ago - dating a woman on a regular basis (my first "real" girlfriend), not going anywhere, but howling with laughter at News for Dogs with its generation-defining cry of "snacky wacky time" However, the current review, America - All Better!, was a complete and absolute blast. Obviously, it's taking aim at the slightly over-the-top hopes in the wake of the Obama presidency...but it contains some real comedic gems. And oh, is it funny....two couples at various relationship stages have a discussion. Mayor Daley impresses the Olympic committee. Students in a public speaking class face their fears. Two WWE wrestlers And my personal highlight - a wedding DJ makes some...well, unusual choices for an impending event. To say any more would be spoiling a wall-to-wall entertaining show. Although the entire cast is simply brilliant, major kudos need to go to Lauren Ash. No, it's not necessarily her resume or her ability to handle herself onstage...it's just that, well, I imagine with our combined intelligence, wit, and looks, we could create a race of genetic superbeings destined to rule the planet. So Lauren, please, call me. Seriously. But anyway, enough of my yakkin' - in recent months, it has felt like I've been going through the motions in many aspects of my life. So much so that I've felt like my blogging has become cookie-cutter, with a lack of personality to it. Thanks to Second City for the reminder that sometimes, it's best to just work without a net...and that improv is more than just a theatrical tool.

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