March 18, 2009

Start Spreadin' the News

I'm heading to the Big Apple for the day - yes, it's work related. It's also for a potential client who...well, if my agency gets this, would be a big deal. Trust me.

The internet might crack in half.

Anyway, to keep you entertained, I'm stealing a page from the Roger Green playbook.

Basically, you Google your name - and post the first few results (at least, that's what the top Google result for "Gordon needs" says). However, here are my results 2 - 11:

  • Gordon needs to change
  • Gordon needs to build for the future
  • Gordon needs more than 19 Congressional standing Ovations
  • Gordon needs another war to save him
  • Gordon needs to get moving
  • Gordon needs prudence...and patience
  • Gordon needs to open the door in Darfur
  • Gordon needs to see the money
Don't worry - will try to take pictures while I'm in NY. Or maybe I'll run into Redhead Fangirl.

But hopefully, I'll have some mega cool news...and we'll have a cool client.

But until's an episode of Outer Limits:

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