July 6, 2009

EMI.com - a review

(Full disclosure - I receive a referral to Fuelmyblog, and volunteered to write this post. I am receiving a "goody bag"...and that's about it).

I don't mind when people e-mail me and ask me to review - I feel under no obligation to do so, but some e-mails in the past few days - one for a webcomic, and the other asking for a review of the new EMI site had me intrigued.

So I checked out the site, and it was...there was plenty to enjoy about it. It has a nice almost iPod-ish interface, and has plenty of ways to reach out to friends, and to check out new music.

But one thing bothered me - when I first arrived on the site, the musical stylings of the Pet Shop Boys came through....perhaps a little too powerfully. Thankfully, thanks to a menu, I was able to switch to Levon Helm.

In a world where one word - iPod - tends to dominate, it is interesting to see how the competition is faring for online music purchases and dollars.

Emi.com is a step in the right direction.

(And don't worry - more totally unsolicited opinions coming soon...)

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