August 26, 2009

More Myers-Briggs Madness

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I know I've talked Myers-Briggs before; as some people use astrology to differentiate between people, I tend to think in terms of Myers-Briggs.

So much so that, earlier tonight, I was having a conversation at a social event earlier tonight. It was one of those conversations that tend to crop up at social events - talking philosophy, chatting about various things in conversation that is moving away from chat towards the casual.

At one point, we were talking astrology, both Western and Chinese, my two compatriots (one male, one female) discussing the finer points of what makes us tick. Being the wise guy that I am, I turn to my female compatriot and offer the challenge, "What's your Myers-Briggs type?"

Without a beat, her response was, "INTP"


"You're judging me? So what are you judging about me?"

"I'm judging that I am impressed that someone outside of psychology and human resources is aware of Myers-Briggs"

The conversation continued well into the evening....until the point where she and I both had to go our separate ways. But sometimes, even for a hardcore psych geek like myself, it's surprising how much this stuff gets around.

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