September 16, 2009

Decisions, Decisions 2009

A few years ago, in the early days of the blog, I had asked readers (well, more honestly, an assortment of insomniacs, malcontents, and Roger, who is neither insomniac or malcontent) what I should dress up as for Halloween.

This year, in preparation for the grand Nerd-O-Ween, I am calling upon the collective wisdom of Internet (or "Roger and whatever insomniacs and malcontents prowl the net) to help me in my decision. With some visual aids, here is my thinking about my costume choices:

Tenth Doctor

Pros: I have the basics - suit, shirt, tie, overcoat, trainers, and sonic screwdrivers. Can even dye my hair dark. Cons: I don't quite have the figure to pull off a skinny, manic Scotsman who is like Davy Jones of the Monkees on a double espresso.

Golden Age Sandman

Has that nice Golden Age vibe; all I need would be a fedora & gas mask; is appropriately nerdy (which is the theme of "Nerd-O-Ween"
Cons: Afraid that purchasing a gas mask may inadvertently mark me as a potential security threat; afraid that friends and colleagues would openly mock me if federal agents escorted me for questioning.

Number 6 (The Prisoner)

Pros: Again, have the costume materials already assembled; have dressed up as Number 6 once before; gives me certain amount of nerd cache, helps me pay tribute to a show that I enjoy, and more importantly - can wear to work without question.
Cons: Had to explain costume to several people unfamiliar with the show, and quite frankly, haven't I done enough with the show?

Granted, I do have a full month and a half, but thought I would get feedback early, because I could use the help. And for those who suggest the "winning" costume, I'll send you something out of my desk, like a pencil, or a pack of sticky notes.


Roger Owen Green said...

Your CON about the Sandman is not without real legitimacy; it is, though, the most distinctive. I yield to the wisdom of the other insomniacs and malcontents that troll your blog.

Sea-of-Green said...

Golden Age Sandman! Golden Age Sandman!