September 26, 2009

Watch THIS, Pal: Quatermass & The Pit, Episode One

First, very special birthday wishes to pal Chuck, and in celebration of that (and Halloween), a kinda sorta brand new blog feature.

Last year, I had attempted to create the "Public Domain Drive-In", and use works that are in the public domain. Much of it was put off due to time...but I wanted to create a way to help encourage people to use this material.

Fortunately, I had a thought - since pal Chuck is a big fan of British science fiction television (most notably Torchwood), and although I had blogged about it previously, just in time for Halloween, over the next six weeks, we're going to feature an episode of the classic Quatermass & the Pit, which has influenced not one, but two episodes of Doctor Who.

(And if you wish, please feel free to use this as an opportunity to blog/podcast/create more online fun)

So just sit back, relax, and enjoy part one of....Quatermass & the Pit.

(EDIT - Minor coding glitch in embedded video. Now fixed - enjoy!)

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