December 22, 2009

Comics In My DNA(gents - Get It?)

As I've blogged elsewhere, I am rather sad that a lot of my old photos were ruined in a flood; one of my particular favorite shots is a picture of me in black and white perusing a copy of DNAgents. It was, in high school, my favorite comic - Mark Evanier's writing seemed a little more mature, a little more depth-laden than most other super-hero comics, and Will Meugnot's art...well, being a teenage boy, his depictions of women (particularly Rainbow and Amber) gave my hormones just the ever slightest tug.

Fortuntely, I was able to pick up the DNAgents Industrial Strength Edition at WizardCon/ComicCon/WhateverCon back in August, and have had a chance to read it over. Much like DC's Showcase and Marvel's Essential series, it's a "phone book" full of black-and-white art.

Unlike either series, there was a massive reconstruction of the comics - much of the original art had been destroyed in a flood, and there's some explanation of how the comic was recreated. (In short, some was copied, some was restored, and some was redrawn). It's much like watching a favorite, restored classic movie - it may not be as good as you remember, but take it right now, and it's light-years away from comics then (and I would argue, now).

First, much of the storyline seems very prescient for the 1980s - genetically created superbeings owned by a major mulitnational corporation would be blase and cliche now, but yet only seem slightly out-of-date. But it's Meugnot's art that simply astonishes - yes, you can tell which is redrawn and which is original art, but either way, it's really stunning.

(Plus, these issues include the original Crossfire stores, which were drawn by Dan Spiegle, who is one of my favorite artists...and Crossfire, the original crime fighting bailbondsman, is one of my favorite underrated characters).

I have to admit, I didn't ask for a lot this Christmas - mostly because anything I want, I can usually get. (Except for a significant other...and folks, I'm working on it. Seriously). But this holiday, I think I'm going to sit back, relax, and soak in some familiar feelings as I reread this book.

Seriously, get the DNAgents Industrial Strength Edition. It's a book that has been an under-the-radar hit, but it's worth your attention. Especially now.

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